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Aesthetic Medicine Courses

Course Eligibility:
Medical Physician, Dentists, 
Maxillofacial Surgeon & Nurses.

STEP 1: Fundamentals in Aesthetic Medicine

Upon completion of the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine and Cosmetic Surgery (ABAMCS)’s comprehensive Step 1 training, participants will gain enough knowledge and basic techniques to complement their current practices with aesthetic medical procedures (Bo Tox,Hyaluronic Acid/ Dermal Filler, Laser/Light therapies, IPL, Chemical Peel) or to start a stand-alone medical spa practice. A Certificate in Aesthetic Medicine will be issued by the American Board of Aesthetic Medicine on completion of all course work.


Step 1 training will entail basic knowledge in skin and hair anatomy, basic Botulinum Toxin techniques, basic dermalfiller techniques, basic laser and light therapy techniques, laser and light devices safety, the business of aesthetic medicine, and office set up for aesthetic medical procedures. We are the only aesthetic medicine training program to offer hands on training and demonstration in an actual medical spa setting. Tour of a functioning medical spa will also be given. Our graduates from the Step I aesthetic medical training will have the necessary knowledge and confidence to start practicing in the exciting field of aesthetic medicine. 
Course Fee: $00 (Applicable Government fees applies)


(Cancellation Policy applies)

  • Bo Tox Type A Indications and Techniques 

  • Skin/ Hair Structure

  • Chemical Peelings

  • Laser and Lights Therapies

  • Anesthesia for Dermal Filler

  • Dermal Filling

  • The Business of Cosmetic

Board Certification Process:

  • Completion of Step 1, Step 2 @ Step 3 Training 

  • Passing score in written exam

  • Board Certification

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