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Aesthetic Gynaecology Courses

Aesthetic Gynecology -IOUT
Masters Course in Aesthetic Gynecology

What is Aesthetic Gynecology or Genital Aesthetics? Genital aesthetics is a surgical procedure similar to that of face, nose or breast operations. It is best described as correcting congenital structural defects in the genital area, the trauma caused by giving birth or deterioration with age.

MED Courses is introducing an internationally accredited training program in the new field of aesthetic gynecology. Exclusively carried out by medical doctors, cosmetic vaginal rejuvenation (non-surgical methods) and surgery procedures are aimed at altering and enhancing the Intimate area appearance and repairing the relaxed Vulvar wall. 

Cosmetic vaginal surgery is considered to be a connection between 3 specialties: Gynecology, Cosmetic Surgery & Dermatology. 

The training program comprises of 2 levels: non-surgical and surgical. Participants may choose to attend only the non-surgical part or the entire training including surgical training. 

The objective of the course is to equip OB-GYNs, plastic surgeons and other MD specialists with new innovative skills in the emerging modern specialty of vaginal rejuvenation.

The program is presented by one of the world's foremost expert in cosmetic gynecology, Dr Mazen Arafeh and Dr. Rupinder Ruprai who is a pioneer in the introduction of innovative techniques and protocols in this field.

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