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Endodontic Course Module 3 & 4

Endodontic Course Module 3 & 4


Endodontics encompasses the study and practice of the basic and clinical sciences of the biology of the normal dental pulp and the etiology, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases and injuries of the dental pulp along with associated periradicular conditions.


Endodontics has evolved tremendously in the past decade and its applications have immensely improved the quality of dental treatment. Act now and Join us on our Endodontic Course to learn the most recent techniques in Endodontics.

If you finished Module 1 & 2 in Endodontics, this is your chance to pursue your career and not go to waste what you have learn.


Course fee for only $3500 USD per module. 

Join us and obtain one of the most renowned Endodontic Certificate.

Course outline 

Module 3

Management of broken instrument

Perforation repair

Root resorption
Dental traumatic injuries

Cracks and Fractures

Vital pulp therapy

Restoration of Endodontically treated teeth

Module 4

Periradicular surgery

Regenerative Endodontics

Endodontic and Periodontal interrelationship

Pediatric Endodontics: Endodontic treatment for the primary

    and young permanent dentition

Bleaching Procedures

Microbiology of endodontic infections

Endodontic practice management

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