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Aesthetic Medicine Courses

Course Eligibility:
Medical Physician, Dentists, 
Maxillofacial Surgeon.


Graduates of The American Board of Aesthetic Medicine (ABAM)’s Step 1 program or those who already have the basic skills in aesthetic medicine can participate in our Step 2 training. Participants will increase their knowledge in aesthetic medicine and acquire the newest and most up to date aesthetic techniques. Facial contouring using botulinum toxin and dermal filler, and advanced laser and light therapy procedures will enable graduates of our Step 2 to take their skills in aesthetic medicine to the next Step.

Step 2 Bo Tox training will cover procedures such as
Bo Tox eyelift, scar reduction with Bo Tox,
Bo Tox treatment for gummy smile. Dermal filler training will include aesthetic medical procedures such as teartrough injection, nonsurgical nasal augmention using Hyaluronic Acid, cheek and facial contouring. Advanced laser training will consist of combination skin rejuvenation techniques, and Photodynamic therapy (PDT).

An in depth coverage of basic surgical techniques and equipments for office aesthetic procedures will be offered. Basic dermatology and teeth whitening for the medical spa setting is an integral part of our Step II Aesthetic Medicine Training program.
Course Fee: $3,500 (Applicable Government fees applies)
CME Points: USA 18.75  

Cancellation Policy applies)

Course Outline:

  • Anesthesia for Anesthetic Medicine

  • Advanced Techniques with laser & light therapy

  • Laser

  • Acne, Melasma, Minor Office Procedure

  • Advanced Bo Tox Training

  • Microneedling

  • Facial Analysis

  • Review of Common Plastic Surgical Procedures

  • Cosmeceutical used in Aesthetic Medicine.

Board Certification Process:

  1. Completion of Step 1, Step 2 and Step 3 Training

  2. Passing score on written exam

  3. Board Certified American Board of Aesthetic Medicine.

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